How to get a Free Bet

In Australia punters are able to claim Free Bets to be used on Racing events and Sports events from online bookmakers.

There are over 10 online bookmakers in Australia offering punters free bets although our recommendation for bookmakers are Sportsbet, CrownBet and Ladbrokes.

You can use THIS SITE to check the latest and biggest free bet offers from all Australian bookmakers to make sure you are getting the best bang for your buck.



#1 Bookie: is our #1 rated bookmaker as they give the biggest deposit bonus as well as the best daily offers and promotions.


#2 Bookie: is our second highest rated bookmaker due to their easy to use website, large betting markets and daily promotions.


#3 Bookie: rounds out our top 3 bookmakers in Australia with a wide range of markets, decent promotions and the best of all is their CrownBet rewards program.

Sports Trading Cards Buying Tips

Buying sports trading cards is fun and exciting. Finding a rare card or game-used piece of memorabilia in a card, at a great price can be a thrilling experience. When you buy a sports card the condition is the most important thing to consider. Your enjoyment of your new sports collectable, as well as its future value depends on its condition.

  1. Steer clearand avoidanything that says reprint or reproduction.
  2. If buying autographed card, always try for Certified Autograph.
  3. If buying in-person, check condition out of sleeve.
  4. Buy from sellers on-line with great feedback.
  5. Avoid fuzzy images or photographs.

Sports Trading Card companies will reprint a card as part of an anniversary promotion or because of popularity. These cards look very similar to the original cards except for some small writing on back of card at the bottom stating “reprint”. Also, some people will copy popular or rare cards and hope you do not read the description too close.

Certified versus Non-Certified Autographs

When a Sports Trading Card company offers autographed cards in their packs and boxes, these cards were signed for the card company and then inserted into packs. These are Certified Autographs and are backed by the card company as being authentic. If a regular card is taken out of a pack, then given to a player to sign, say as he is leaving practice, that is a non-certified autograph. Certified Autographed cards are worth more money and are generally more rare.

In-Person versus On-Line

If you are buying your sports trading card or at a show, it will be easier to identify the condition than buying something online. If you’re buying something on the Internet you need to make sure that the reputation of the seller is solid. Check the sellers feedback to ensure the description of the items condition will match what you receive. If you overlook a seller’s poor feedback, you have to accept your taking a risk.

What to Look for if Buying In-person

The most important part of a card’s condition to look for is the corners. Check all four corners for any dings. Even a small ding, can drastically lower the value. The next thing to check is the surface of the card. If possible, take the card out of its penny sleeve and carefully check the surface for scratches or dents. The other two factors to consider are the centering of the printing on the card, and the edges of the card. These last two factors are not as important as the first two as far as value is concerned.

Seller Reputation

If buying on-line, make sure the seller has great feedback. If not, do not be surprised when you get your card, if it is not what you wanted as far as condition. Most on-line sellers are very reputable, and the ones that are not have several dings to their feedback from unhappy buyers.

Fuzzy Images

Another thing to watch for are scans or photographs of cards that are fuzzy or look like they are ten feet away. This is usually not a good sign, and not worth risking being unhappy. The only reason for these bad images are either they are new to selling, or are trying to mask some problem with the card.

Sports trading cards are more high-tech then they used to be and also can be very valuable fresh out of the pack. It is possible to pull a card out of a pack that is worth ten of thousands of dollars. Sometimes that card will be a rookie card, other times it will be a rare autograph or memorabilia card. If that card gets sold in the future, the buyer is going to want to look over that card very closely before buying. In some cases, you may buy a card that is not in good condition such as a vintage card, or a rare modern card. As long as you get what you paid for, you are happy. But, if you pay top-dollar for a “perfect card” and find out later it is damaged, it takes the fun out of collecting. Keep the collecting fun!

Tips in Choosing the Best Bowling Alleys

Bowling has been a popular sport for Americans and other nationalities. Bowling is a leisure activity that provides many health and physiological benefits. Bowling may be a form of relaxation to many or a way to bond with families and friends.

Bowling alleys are special facilities where people participate in the sport of bowling. These alleys provide lanes for bowling and other amenities. They are a place where a person can relax and enjoy the sport as well as spend time with family and friends

The location of the bowling alley should be taken into consideration. An alley close to his/her home location will make it convenient and inviting. A bowling alley close to his/her workplace could also be considered so that he/she could easily go to the bowling alley after work.

The facilities of the alley should also be considered. Many bowling alleys now have modern facilities like electronic scoreboards. People are attracted to places where the facilities are modern.

The employees working at the bowling alley should be friendly and accommodating. Employees who are friendly will make the place inviting. The instructors should also be friendly and willing to help with all the needs of the bowlers, especially the beginners. Bowlers should be able to learn many techniques from instructors that are friendly and willing to share their skills.

The bowling alleys should be clean and properly maintained. Bowlers go to alleys to enjoy and relax. If the alley is not clean and properly maintained, bowlers will not be comfortable. All facilities should also be properly maintained to provide safety for the bowlers.

There are generally many bowling alleys that may be found in any city. A person may search the Internet to check the nearest bowling alley and may also read reviews about the bowling alley. Many bowling alleys also have cafeterias where players can eat and mingle with other bowlers.

Bowling alleys contribute to the interest of many people in the sport and should be a place where fun and enjoyment may be experienced. They should be welcoming to bowlers and provide them all the things necessary to entice bowlers to become regular customers.

What Do You Need For Kayak Equipment

Saving some money

When you’re looking for kayak equipment, you may be tempted to look for the lowest prices because of how much you may have spent on the kayak.

And while this is good for your budget, it might be disastrous for your safety.

Used and semi-used kayak equipment might look nice on the surface, but small cracks and defects can lead to big problems when you’re out on the water. In this case, new is definitely better than older kayak equipment.

Fact: Kayak hunting was a very dangerous task for the native hunters. Many of the animals that they hunted were known to attack their attackers as well as flail about and tip the kayaks upon being hit with a spear or knife.

Things that you need for your kayak

When it comes to kayak equipment, there’s a long list of things that you will need to buy.

Paddles are the most important accessory because they help you move through the water. But life jackets are a close second in terms of important kayak equipment as they help you if you should fall off the kayak.

In colder temperatures, you will want to consider a wet suit and foot wear to keep you warm.

Other great things to pick up for your kayak equipment include spray skirts, a paddle flat, dry bags and, of course, the kayak itself. You may also want to purchase a kayak car rack for easier transport.

With all of the kayak equipment that is recommended, kayaking can certainly become an expensive hobby.

What you may want to do is head over to an area that rents the kayak equipment so that you can try some different paddles and life jackets out. If you like the kayak equipment, then you can purchase it worry-free.